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***Featured in Custom PC Magazine, Dec 2013!***
This is a very unique, very custom computer we built for a customer who loves a certain "salnerable" time traveler. Starting with the Silverstone FT-03, windows were cut and replaced with opaque white acrylic and a facade was built around the outside. The top is removable and features a signal light that blinks with hard drive activity. The phone access door opens to reveal front audio and USB ports. The entire device emits a green glow when powered on. The case was primed and painted with several coats of hardened automotive paint and then slightly distressed to show a bit of age. Inside is just as spectacular, hosting a water-cooled Core-i7 2700k clocked to 4.6Ghz, 16GB of DDR3 1600 RAM and a MSI GTX 660 OC'd by about 10%. The computer boots to an OCZ 128GB SSD with a 3TB hard drive for primary storage. Powering it all is a 750w Seasonic Gold modular PSU. The amazing photography is by my friend and photographer, Joshua Lee Willingham.