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***NOTE: Reboot is permanently closed. Thank you for all the years of patronage!***

Who Is “Reboot”?

I (Drew) have been building and repairing computers for over 20 years and Reboot is a side business I run with the help of my senior technician Anthony to continue helping people by doing what we enjoy. We specialize in computer repair and custom computer builds and offer a wide variety of other services related to this including upgrades, training, consulting, project management, and general technology troubleshooting with very competitive pricing.  We make technology less frustrating by repairing your computer the first time for less than the other “big name” shops.

We also build computers specific to your needs.  Each build is tailored to exactly how you will use the computer and uses the highest quality components available.  From daily use computers to high end performance machines, we strive to provide the highest quality, custom, hand built computers available in the market.

In The Media

Several of our builds have been featured in various media outlets, including the following:

Asus Republic of Gamers Website and Facebook Pages

IGN Entertainment

Custom PC – Issue 123 December 2013

Why “Reboot”?

Historically, one of the most common troubleshooting techniques in computers has been to turn the computer off and back on again, or “reboot it” to see if the trouble still exists. From a technical perspective, this clears out some temporary files and anything stored in memory and resets the operating system to its start-up defaults. Many times, this is all that is needed to fix the problem and rid the computer of any “gremlins” that could have been causing issues. But with that reboot comes a feeling of satisfaction that everything is now working as it should again.

In line with this, Reboot Technology Services was named such because we aim to give my customers a “fresh start” with their technology tools. Whether this is building a new state-of-the-art computer, cleaning up an older computer, or teaching someone the basics of how it works, we hope our customers leave with a smile and confidence that everything is now working as it should.


Drew Bierlein

Owner, Lead Technician

Drew founded Reboot Technology Services in September of 2011, putting a name and legal structure to the services he had been providing for several years. With over 20 years of technology experience, Drew has been helping employers and customers with IT needs in a way that marries in-depth knowledge with friendly customer service.

Drew has a BS in Business Administration with a Systems focus from Taylor University and has used his skills in consulting, programming, IT support, training and project management with companies such as Crown International, Accenture, Charles Schwab, and Bank of America, as well as several government agencies. This combined experience allows fast troubleshooting and quality repairs with minimal downtime for customers.

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